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Discover the Essence of Waiheke Wine

The beauty of Waiheke isn’t just in its sandy beaches or its lush landscapes, but in its vines that stretch across the island. Located strategically, Waiheke Waterfront Lodge offers a gateway to Waiheke Wine Tours and Tastings. Whether you're looking to delve into Vineyard Visits on Waiheke Island, tasting wines crafted from early-introduced grapes or newer additions, our lodge sits amidst it all.

Mudbrick Vineyard New Zealand

Waiheke Wine

Waiheke Wine's Unique Climate and Influence

Waiheke Island, known for its Boutique Wineries, is a haven for many local and international visitors seeking a serene escape close to Auckland City. It’s a magical haven, just a 30-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland, where Waiheke Island Wine Tasting Tours lead you to world-class wineries, sandy beaches, and captivating art tours.

Vine growing was introduced in the early 1980’s as a premium wine region for the production of high quality red wines based on Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Over the years, Waiheke Island has expanded its varietals to include Chardonnay, Syrah, Montepulciano, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Semillon and Viognier.

The surrounding sea of the Hauraki Gulf has a strong influence on Waiheke Island’s climate and grape growing. The ocean acts as both a fan and insulator allowing sea breezes to moderate rising temperatures in mid-summer with the ocean controlling falling temperatures at night. These moderate temperatures extend longer into the early autumn ripening period of March and April, allowing later varieties to ripen fully over an extended period. Due to the significant variations in vineyard orientation, soil structure and its long mild season, Waiheke Island can grow and ripen a wider range of grape varieties.

Explore Waiheke's Wine Wonders

From the familial ambience of Te Motu to the continental allure at Casita Miro, and the picturesque setting of Man o' War, Waiheke promises a wine experience that's as diverse as its varietals. Dive deep into Waiheke's wine narrative and uncover the tales, flavours, and people that make every bottle a journey.

mudbrick winery


126 Church Bay Road, Oneroa
A beautifully finished vineyard with delightful interiors, established country style gardens and rooftop with wonderful views or Rangitoto.

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Poderi Vineyard

Poderi Crisci

205 Awaawaroa Rd, Awaawaroa Bay, Waiheke RD!
Famous for it's long Italian lunches. A beautiful vineyard to spend an afternoon.

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miro wine tasting

Casita Miro

3 Brown Road, Onetangi
Something for the senses! Step into a traditional European style vineyard for a taste of España

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man o war wine

Man o’ War

752 Man o War Bay Road, Orapiu
A special occasion vineyard nestles at the waters edge on the Eastern side of Waiheke. Grab a wine and go for a swim.

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Tantalus Bottles


70-72 Onetangi Road, Onetangi
The new kid on the block. Tantalus offer established gardens, fabulous new age wines and it's very own Micro brewery.

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Te Motu

76 Onetangi Road, Onetangi 1971
Brilliant family owned vineyard in a stunning spot. Central and easy to buses.

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